Printing expenses are part of the “hidden expenses” of your business. Cost recovery allows you to bring those expenses out of hiding so they can be examined for legitimacy and charged to the client or specific project. Understanding where these formerly “hidden” costs should be allocated will help you make significant business decisions.

Using cost recovery best practices you can:

  • Keep wasteful print behavior to a minimum. – Helping your staff understand proper print practices and setting budgets by department and user makes little difference in the end product, but it does make a sizable difference to the bottom line.
  • Monitor usage – Monitoring what is produced and applying it specifically to the client, department, and project accounts allow you to get control over big-ticket consumable expense costs such as color printing.
  • Apply internal and external print costs back to individual client bills – Collecting reliable, accurate copy counts and their associated costs allow you to bill clients for the printing done to accomplish the work done on their account.

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