No longer are we tied to paper-based fax systems. Fax servers give us a more versatile and economical avenue to perform the functions of outdated fax machines. A fax server is a solution that is implanted into a local area network (LAN) server. This fax server solution allows you to use your network-connected computer or mobile device to send and receive fax messages. Once you receive a fax message that message can be utilized within the network as a spreadsheet, graphic, document, etc.

The advantages of fax servers become quickly obvious.

  • Savings – Using a fax server eliminates the need for an old-style fax machine – and the corresponding analog fax telephone line. Often these savings allow a fax server to pay for itself within months.
  • Efficiency – Send faxes from your email client! No longer do you have to walk back and forth to the fax machine to send, receive, or retrieve faxes. They are delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Security & Compliance – It’s easy to lose paper copies. On the other hand, messages sent through a fax server can be put into an audit trail for HIPAA compliance and be secured along with the rest of your business technology.

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