The TNN team has a deep background in business technology implementation and management.

Very simply, we know what technologies can make your business run well, and we know how to set up and maintain those technologies in a way that allows you to get the very most out of your I.T. expenditures.

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It is challenging to describe everything that we do for our valued clients in the run of a week, but in broad strokes, here are the services that TNN offers:

  • Managed I.T. – Managed I.T. is an all-encompassing, full-menu, subscription I.T. Management service. This service encapsulates everything from I.T. security updates and software licensing to software patches and hardware upgrades.
  • Business Continuity – Business continuity is a service that combines expert consultation with the implementation of policies, procedures, and I.T. backup and restoration solutions. With TNN and our business continuity service on your side, you can keep running no matter what unexpected even interrupts your business.
  • I.T. Consulting – Knowing how to “bake in” business technology from the very beginning of a planned project, expansion, or product introduction is where I.T. Consulting shines. TNN I.T. consultants have the experience to help you optimize what you have now and plan for what you have coming down the road.
  • VoIP Services – Traditional phone systems can get expensive and have some serious limitations. VoIP Services from TNN allow you to have a phone system that fits your budget, will scale with your company growth, and is flexible enough to be used via WiFi anywhere in the world.
  • vCIO Services – Our vCIO offering ensures you are able to make the best possible technology related decisions for your business. We provide expert guidance as we help you strategically plan your technology roadmap so that you can get the most out of your services and solutions. With TNN acting as your vCIO you are always able to use technology to its full advantage.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 is the most versatile, collaborative, mobile-friendly office productivity suite on the market today. With capabilities ranging from email to simultaneous cooperative document creation, Microsoft Office 365 from TNN leads the office productivity industry.
  • Surveillance Solutions – TNN has long believed that your business is safer when it is monitored. Video surveillance adds that extra level of security to your business that protects your investment and comforts your employees.
  • Imaging Solutions – There will always be a need in the modern office for imaging, whether it be in the form of printing, faxing, or copying. By partnering with leading-edge imaging companies, TNN is able to offer our customers the right imaging machines for the size, workflow, and functions of their growing businesses.
  • Network Support – Your network is the signals station of your business technology. TNN helps your business “keep the trains running on time” by monitoring your network’s health and ensuring that it can meet the rigorous demands put on it by the daily activity of your organization.

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