Consumables such as paper, ink, and toner are all part of the expenses that go into running imaging devices. Rule-based printing solutions help save wasted money. Setting restrictions for printing based on the individual employee’s need to access the imaging machine and their job description keeps employees from using your imaging machines for their personal projects.

Even rules about the type of paper and ink that the machine uses are important. After all, not everything needs to be printed in full color on your company’s embossed stationary! Setting automatic rules for your machines to follow saves you this cost and the frustration of telling your employees the same thing over and over again. Rule-based printing makes sure that the most economical device is chosen for the job and that the device chosen uses the most economical consumables appropriate to that job.

Templates aid in this rule-based printing by giving the employee a system generated template that adheres to the rules set up by the system admin. This saves time and reduces print errors.

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