The Right Software For Your Foster Family Agency

As you’ve probably gathered from how much you’re marketed to, you know there are a lot of software vendors out there trying to sell you their solutions designed specifically for foster family agencies.

There’s something for everything, and it can be easy to assume they’re all the same, but that’s not necessarily the case. The fact is that, in addition to the care you provide to your residents, you’re also running a business.

You need software that helps you store, access and secure a lot of data on your residents. You need support for your documentation. You need a convenient and intuitive user experience.

Unfortunately, achieving all of that on your own is easier said than done…

Where Can You Find Support For Foster Family Agencies Software?

There are so many It companies in operation today that it can be very difficult finding one with the expertise required to tailor an IT infrastructure to support the work that foster family agencies do on a daily basis.

TNN employs a team of professional technicians with in-depth knowledge of the specific workflow common to foster family agencies. To bring our customers the industry-specific IT solutions they need, our staff have familiarized themselves with many of the leading software solutions for foster family agencies.

Top Six Foster Family Agency Software Solutions

If you’re looking for the right software to support your daily work, we recommend you consider one of the following six:

  • FosterTrak: One of the most popular foster care agencies software available, FosterTrak was originally introduced in 1990 and has continued evolving with new technologies since then. This solution helps you track adoptions, parents and applicants, supports your state and county compliance efforts, offers more than 250 compliant report templates, and calculates payments and county funding for you.
  • ResTrak: Developed by the same company as FosterTrak (The PC Solution), ResTrack offers many of the same features. A key benefit offered by this software is the capability to host it locally on your systems or through the cloud. In the latter case, you and your agency staff can enjoy secure and convenient access to work data whether they’re at the office or on the road visiting a foster family.
  • StaffTrak: Also developed by The PC Solution, StaffTrak supports your management and HR efforts. Everyone in the industry knows that calculating home RCL point levels is a tedious process at best – StaffTrak handles it for you, with a system designed to calculate precise point levels. This solution also helps you track which staff members have completed their training, as well as other necessary qualifications like CPR, First Aid, and Driver’s Licenses.
  • NutriKids: Keeping your residents properly fed is another important consideration – but beyond the nutritional value of the food your serving, you also have to manage your expenses, plan menus, and track your inventory. NutriKids facilitates these efforts by tracking data, automating tasks and providing intuitive processes to handle each and every one.
  • Raiser’s Edge: This cloud-based solution helps you manage your fundraiser and financial support considerations. Raiser’s Edge goes beyond simple data input and management, offering more advanced analytic and enrichment tools to help you identify areas for improvement, recover missing contact information, and drive new revenue.
  • extendedReach: This web-based case management software makes it easier to file reports, securely access information where and when needed, and execute a variety of associated tasks. Whether it’s getting the appropriate signatures, reporting via built-in templates, and automated financial and building processes, this software greatly simplifies that work that comes with managing your agency’s cases.

Not Sure Which Software To Choose?

That’s OK, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the software you choose to help you manage your agency. Allow us to help.

The TNN team supports our growing network of foster care agency clients by providing seamless, secure, and stable IT environments for their workflow.

In addition to helping you select the right software and delivering ongoing support, we also offer other support services for necessary technologies, including:

  • VPN Setup and Maintenance: Helping foster agencies keep their clients secure and protected
  • File Sharing Solutions: Supporting mobile workflow
  • Website and Service Blocking: Providing protection against potentially harmful web materials
  • Office 365 and G-Suite Expertise: Promoting optimal workflow through the leading software solutions which are customized for the foster care agency
  • IP Filtering Systems: Keeping the wrong content outside the organization or group home