Which Managed IT Services Company In Southern California Focuses on Business Outcomes?

Top Notch Networking has a history of evolving and adapting to everyday office needs.

Originally founded in 1956 as a stationery and office furniture company known as Desert Stationers, the company sold off the stationery and furniture divisions, rebranded as TNN, and dove head-first into the technology support and services industry when leadership recognized a growing need in the community.

At TNN, we understand that time waits for no one and that technology is always changing. With that in mind, we create an environment where new technology is a driver for growth, not an obstacle.

Which Managed IT Services Company In Southern California Focuses on Business Outcomes?

What Do I Need to Know About TNN?

Top Notch Networking was one of the few companies that realized quite early the need for all-encompassing IT support for businesses as small as five employees and as large as a few hundred!

Since you expect us to know technology inside and out, we only offer an all-encompassing package for each of our services. It is our goal to remove all the worries and headaches that involve your business’s technology from your day-to-day list of worries and headaches.

What Are TNN’s Offerings?

TNN has not limited itself to just one aspect of Information Technology when it comes to its offerings.

Our services include:

  • Managed IT Services (including data backups)

  • VOIP Services

  • Copier Sales and Service

  • Microsoft Office 365

TNN has dedicated teams for each of the above-mentioned services, which allows us to provide specialized services that are tailored to your business’s needs.

If your business has needs that are not listed here, just give us a call, we’re happy to specially engineer solutions for you!

Who Is TNN’s Preferred Client?

We can only provide the best services possible when our two organizations work as a team, so we rely heavily on open communication! We are looking to build long-standing relationships, so if your organization has 5 or more computers and you would like an IT partner who regularly communicates with you, provides regular reports, and makes logical recommendations, then you are an ideal client.

If you’re willing to take the leap and try out new technology, you will find working with us particularly enjoyable. Our offerings will continue to evolve according to industry best-practices.

What Type of Company Is TNN?

We prefer to show our company’s culture with actions rather than words. That’s why:

  • You get a friendly face! Our engineers visit with our clients every 30-45 days, in accordance with our promise of personalized service.
  • Our average response time – if not immediate – is under 15 minutes. 95% of our tickets are completed in under two hours.
  • We have professional associations with three different chambers of commerce, namely:
    • Victor Valley
    • Hesperia
    • Rancho Cucamonga
  • We love our local community! We are passionate about helping children in need, so we work with local foster family agencies and participate in various philanthropic events to help raise capital.

We are a team-oriented company that emphasizes building relationships internally and with our clients.
That’s why you will never see any:

  • Extra charges or hidden fees for any work.
  • Unresolved support tickets; our teams are hardworking with fast turn around times.

What Can I Expect During the Sales and Onboarding Process?

  • Baseline – Network and Hardware Evaluation
  • Proposal – Present monthly service contract with rate and services included
  • Execute Contract
  • Network Discovery – Account Engineer performs necessary work to create a plan for optimizing and securing your network.
  • Pain Point Discovery – Identify Immediate Needs
  • Process Discovery – Determining how processes can be improved through application of smart IT solutions.

In our many years of service, we have never lost a single client’s data to any malware infections, such as ransomware. That’s why we are confident that our practices will protect your business too.

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