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Printers have a bad reputation, and for good reason – a lot of them don’t work.

And that’s not just a stereotype that’s been blown out of proportion. The reality is that around half of all IT-based support calls placed by users are about a problem with their printer.

At the same time, printing is the third most significant expenditure for many businesses.

When you consider both of those at the same time, you can see the issue – printing is absolutely necessary to businesses, and yet, so many printers used today are chronically faulty.

But that doesn’t mean they all are…

Take Control of Your Print Costs with Managed Print Services

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TNN Delivers Award-Winning Sharp Printers

You don’t have to resign yourself to a faulty printer, assuming that it’s just the way they all are. You just have to find the right one.

You can start by considering one of Sharp's multiple-award-winning devices, for which TNN is the only authorized retailer in a 40-mile radius. Sharp's line of multi-function printers have won awards year after year for their features and reliability.

Printers can be much more valuable to your business than you think. Of course, the modern workforce is becoming paperless, but many daily tasks still require a printer. From a business perspective, picking the perfect printer could be the difference between constant hassles and increased productivity.

That’s why you should opt for a machine that has been as thoroughly tested and rewarded as one developed by Sharp and supported by TNN.

TNN Solves Your Printer Problems

For a simple, flat monthly rate, TNN will deliver proven Sharp Printers:

  • No need to budget funds for upfront purchases or investments - you pay as you go.
  • If anything goes wrong, our team is available to address your issues.
  • Get the right network-enabled black and white or color printer.
  • Enjoy the ease that comes with a comprehensive contract, covering pages printed, maintenance, services, and all consumables.
TNN Solves Your Printer Problems

Don’t settle for a printer that doesn’t work – it’s not the way it has to be. Your printer can (and should) be as reliable as every other technology in your office.