Are Cheap Copier Contracts Even Worth The Money?

You may save some money off the top by opting for a cheap copier contract – but do you understand how it will cost you in other ways?

The Real “Value” Of Cheap Copier Contracts

Digital copiers are the workhorses of modern business technology. Serving as an office’s printer, scanner, and fax machine, they’re used every single day by hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right copier contract for your business’s needs. Unfortunately, many businesses prefer to prioritize their budget over anything else a copier contract may offer. While it is important to save money where possible, opting for a cheap copier contract can cause a lot of problems…

Victorville Businessman Contracted With Copier Company

Consequences Of Investing In A Cheap Copier Contract

Underinvesting in devices as vital as copiers can lead to a number of serious consequences:

  • Performance Issues: This is simple – a cheap device likely won’t run as well as you want it to. It inevitably leads to system lag and downtime, which keeps you and your staff from accessing your data and getting your work done.
  • Risk of Failure: Cheap copiers won’t be as reliable or as long-lasting as their better-made counterparts. That puts users at higher risk of hardware failure, which will at least require maintenance, and will eventually require outright replacement. This means more downtime, and more money spent on support and replacement hardware.
  • Support Problems: While you may not have had to pay that much to get the contract, the dealer still has to make money somehow, right? One way to do so is with exorbitant surcharges for support and maintenance. The cheaper the device is, the more frequently you’ll have to pay to get it fixed.
  • Lack of Security: Multi-function printers are often networked these days – could they put you at risk?The less you spend on a given piece of hardware, the less secure it will be. In order to harness better security standards and technologies, you need to invest in them. By opting for a less expensive option, you’re often putting your data at risk.

Don’t Rely On Cheap Copiers

The point of all this is that you shouldn’t assume a cheap copier contract will be less expensive in the long run. It’s all about considering each and every cost that comes with a given device. An expensive contract requires more funds at the start, but it’ll mean less work, stress, and ongoing expenses over the course of its life.

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