IT Support For Engineering Firms

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What Can TNN Do for My Engineering Firm?

Engineering firms combine many services underneath one umbrella as a comprehensive suite to their clients. All of these processes are driven by technology. That’s why it is essential that the IT assets of your engineering firm remain secure and fully functional at all times.

The success of an IT environment is defined by:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Performance

Engineering IT Support

Engineering Firm IT Support

Since each company’s dependence on internet-enabled devices and services has grown, so too has the demand for around-the-clock IT services and support.

But the engineering field is a complex one with heavy-duty technology requirements.

Most firms require serious bandwidth and storage capability to support large platforms such as AutoCAD designs (Big Data).

Engineering firms also need optimizing, supported, and secure cloud applications to enable employees to work from multiple locations on collaborative projects.

TNN has the experience to help engineering firms find the right solutions to help with:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Telecommunications
  • Assessments
  • Testing
  • Production

Where Can I Find an IT Support Team that Can Repair My Engineering IT for Good?

As wonderful as engineering technology solutions are, they’re far from perfect. From time to time, IT fails. When that happens, engineering firms need access to a team of professional technicians who are responsive to their calls.

Today’s engineering firms realize that to maintain a fully operational IT environment, they need help.

That’s where outsourced IT support from TNN comes in. We make it our top priority to keep our clients’ networks secure and operational – providing them with the ideal IT working environment to support the work they do.

Can TNN Help My Engineering Data and Workflow Remain Secure?

TNN helps engineering firms to:

  • Identify Critical Data
  • Map Data Stores and Flows
  • Perform a Controls Risk Analysis
  • Rate the Maturity of your Security Controls
  • Develop Short-and Long-Term Remediation Plans
  • Ensure always-on proactive monitoring and security maintenance

Can Managed IT Services Keep My Engineering IT from Crashing so Often?

Managed IT Services from TNN to provide engineering firms with a holistic approach to IT care. We bring you proactive management, monitoring, and maintenance to keep your networks supported, secure, and on track.

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost?

TNN’s Managed IT Services typically cost less than most business owners might think. With that said, the average monthly cost is based on the following variables:

  • Your engineering firm’s specific needs
  • The size of your IT environment
  • The complexity of your network

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