I.T. Consulting

TNN is a recognized leader in managed I.T. services, supporting businesses in Southern California and beyond for many decades.

We offer installation, training and support for computer networks, VoIP phones, imaging systems and surveillance solutions. In addition, we act as a trusted advisor to our many clients who rely on our professional staff to not only keep their I.T. systems running, but also advise them on the ever-changing world of technology.

Working Together as Your Strategic I.T. Partner

Our clients view TNN as a true strategic partner. Technology changes rapidly and our experienced I.T. experts stay abreast of the latest technology developments including new systems and services that could save you time and money.

We work together on your company’s I.T. budget, introducing you to cost-saving solutions that could simplify and streamline your business. With our extensive guidance, you can remain confident that you’re using the most advanced technology solutions available that meet your business needs and budget.

You’re also assured that your I.T. system is protected in case of an unanticipated interruption of your business operations, such as a natural disaster, system malfunction, or malicious act. With each new TNN client, we partner to create a comprehensive business continuity plan. With this plan, you’re assured that if disaster strikes, your business can continue to operate and your critical data is protected.

Monitoring the Health and Security of Your Network

Many of our clients hire us to manage their computer networks so they don’t have to. Our trained network experts monitor your network 24/7 to give you peace of mind that your network investment is secure.

In addition to monitoring and backing up your network, we provide regular reports on your network’s health and security status. By keeping an open line of communication with our clients, we can prevent many problems before they happen.

Prevention is the best way to deal with the cybersecurity threats so common in today’s connected business world: hackers, viruses, spyware, malware, worms, phishing and more. Our monitoring and reporting ensure that you’re informed of your network status in plain English and are confident in the steps we’re taking to protect your investment.

Helping You Select the Right Vendors for Your Business

At TNN, we install and support hardware and software solutions from some of the top technology companies in the world, including Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, HP, Dell, Barracuda Networks, VMware and more. These leading organizations all offer state-of-the-art technology solutions, but what matters most is picking the system that’s right for your business.

We work closely with your key decision makers to determine your precise business needs and goals and then present the vendor solutions that best match your requirements. We answer your questions and explain technical terms so that you clearly understand the business benefits. We then work together to select the best hardware, software, and services for your business. Our team helps you set up and implement these solutions, and provide training and support for your future success.

When you partner with TNN, you focus on your business. We keep it running. Contact TNN at (888) 714-3434 or email us at helpdesk@tnnsupport.com to learn more.

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