Crafting a new business strategy takes time, attention, and a great deal of focus.

When you’re running a small- to medium-sized business, these are three of the things that are in the shortest supply, so finding times to pay attention to technology upgrades and future-proofing your business can be a challenge. It may not make sense to hire a full-time CIO for your business–someone who is strategic in their thought processes but who is able to execute quickly and skillfully once a decision is made. Those high-level executives don’t come cheap, and you may not need that type of work on an ongoing basis.

What you really need is a virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, someone who understands your business on a deep level and can jump right in and begin making a difference. TNN’s vCIO offering provides you with the high level professional know-how and the execution that you would expect from this level of employee.

Extensive Guidance

While consultants can come into your business and query your staff, make recommendations, get you started towards execution and then walk away, a vCIO takes the process a step further. They can act as your advocate in vendor negotiations, and bring a depth of experience to the table that may be lacking within your organization. The extensive guidance that they offer adds a great deal of value to your overall business decisions because they take the time to dig deep and ensure that they’re recommending the right processes and technology for your business.

Budgeting Assistance

Budgeting for technology initiatives is where many projects fail–either the budget approved is not enough to get the technology that’s truly needed, or the recommended solution ends up costing a great deal more than expected so it drags on and on. Having an accurate and reliable budget upfront and someone with the savvy to know when it needs to be adjusted can make the difference between getting value out of your system or simply being tied into a semi-functional technology.

Health Reports

Having someone on hand who understands key metrics and how to define them can help you gain transparency and insight into the processes and see immediately what is working and what still needs to be tweaked. Your vCIO will help identify reporting needs and then execute on them as needed so your business remains healthy. Targeted reporting can also help define areas where your network needs to be shored up from a security perspective, information which is critically important in today’s malware-riddled world.

Business Continuity

Having someone on your extended team who has a deep knowledge of business continuity planning offers you the opportunity to assure your business is meeting (or exceeding) standards for a business of your size and type. Having a vCIO available can greatly assist in market research and understanding of various systems and needs–assuring that your business stays running no matter the circumstances.

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