How can I stay current with HIPAA compliance?

For many healthcare providers, the threat of an audit is always looming. Give yourself the best chance and be prepared to handle a HIPAA audit.

What Do I Need to Know About the IT Side of HIPAA Compliance?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for the protection of sensitive patient data.

If your company handles any medical data, you are legally required to take certain measures to ensure its physical, over-network, and processing security.

Typically, these standards are hard to meet, document, and prove for audit purposes.

But there are several options to deal with the IT side of HIPAA compliance, depending on your situation:

Managed IT Services – You can opt for an MSP (Managed Services Provider) and offload the entirety of your IT related needs (including the IT side of HIPAA compliance) to them.

Top Notch Networking (TNN) will provide comprehensive IT management, including HIPAA compliance management, in exchange for a simple monthly fee.

Cybersecurity Management – If you’re not comfortable with outsourcing your entire IT department then outsourcing your cybersecurity alone is the next best thing to help you meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

TNN’s team of experts have the necessary skills and offer the required security services that can help businesses become and remain HIPAA compliant.

Managed Regulatory Compliance – As the name suggests, companies can hire HIPAA experts to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. TNN incorporates this service into our Managed Services and Cybersecurity Management offerings.

How do we manage the IT side of your HIPAA Compliance requirements?

  • Establishing IT risk, governance, and compliance programs to keep everything in order from the get-go.
  • Conducting regular assessments of the system’s performance and vulnerability – security and risk analysis along with contingency planning as needed.
  • Performing compliance audits involves scheduled internal compliance audits designed to ensure your business’s adherence to regulatory guidelines you can:
  • Putting in place industry best practices and software to have your company audit ready at a moments notice.

We specialize in supplying fully-compliant healthcare IT management at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house healthcare IT professional. Our engineers have years of experience offering their technical expertise to medical practices and other covered entities.

Whether your office needs to understand what its risks and needs are, needs help implementing a particular standard (like HIPAA workstation security or medical data storage), or needs a strategic-level IT security expert, TNN should be your first call.  Our project focus can be as extensive as needed.  We are capable of augmenting the technical expertise of your own IT staff, or managing your complete IT needs, using a combination of on-site visits and remote troubleshooting and management.

To that end, we offer technical compliance assistance with HIPAA Security Standards, including:

  • User Access and Authorization
  • Secure Password Policies
  • HIPAA Workstation Security
  • Data and Email Encryption
  • Transmission Security
  • Medical Data Storage
  • Device and Media Disposal

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