Municipality and Government Agency Support

The TNN team understands that the oversight demands on Municipalities and Government Agencies are high, and the expectations from constituents are even higher. Because of this, robust dependability and zero-tolerance downtime are essential to keeping the services that you provide flowing to your constituents.

The people of TNN have invested much time, effort, and energy in understanding the unique challenges and IT needs of Governmental Agencies and Municipalities. We know that each town, city, and county faces challenges that must be met head-on with IT infrastructure that meets high expectations.

Talk to one of our Municipality and Government Agency IT specialists today by calling (888) 714-3434.

We offer Managed IT Services that you can either utilize as your entire, outsourced IT team or make use of as a support to your full-time, in-house technology employees.

What can we do for your Agency or Municipality?

  • We can help you focus on your public-service mandate rather than on technology.
  • We can take the IT headaches off of your plate.
  • We can keep you IT running smoothly.
  • We can introduce IT solutions that will make your work easier.
  • We can keep you compliant with regulations that relate to IT and data.

As your constituent base becomes more embedded in personal technology, the expectations on your Municipality and Agency technology will grow. TNN is here to help you meet and exceed the expectations that are being put upon you.

Give us a call today at (888) 714-3434 or send an email to We would be happy to talk with you about your specific challenges and IT requirements.



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